How do groups work in Crystal Reports?

How do groups work in Crystal Reports?

Grouping by More than One Field Data will be grouped by that field first. The next field that you select to group by will be the secondary grouping. In other words, Crystal Reports will group your data by the first field you select for grouping, then it will group your data by the second field you select for grouping.

What is selection formula in Crystal report?

Record selections, or filters, are defined by a record selection formula built using the Crystal syntax of the Crystal Reports formula language. You can build a record selection formula using the Formula Editor by opening the Report menu and choosing Selection Formulas, Record.

What are Group Name fields in Crystal Reports?

The group is a set of records that are related to each other in some way. For instance, you might group together all of your employees in the same Zone. The Group Name field is created when you insert a group into your report.

How do I edit a group in Crystal Reports?

How to change group in a Crystal report

  1. Right-click on the Group Header section.
  2. Select Change Group.
  3. Select the new field from the first drop down list.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Refresh the report.

How do I use a parameter field in Crystal Report?


  1. In the Field Explorer window, Select Parameter fields.
  2. Select Parameter Fields and click New.
  3. In the Create New Parameter window, enter a name for the parameter.
  4. Select the value type.
  5. In the Value/Description box, you can enter default values and/or descriptions for your parameter.

How do I add a parameter to a formula in Crystal Reports?


  1. Open the Crystal Reports program.
  2. Go to File | Open, browse to the location of your Crystal Report, select it, and then click Open.
  3. Go to Report | Selection Formulas | Record.
  4. Expand Report Fields.
  5. Double click on the specific Table Field to add it to the formula.

How do I change a group name in Crystal Reports?

You can customize the group name by going back into the Group Expert -> Select the group you want to rename and hit ‘Options’ -> Go to the ‘Options’ tab -> Select ‘Customize Group Name Field’. You can either just pick the field you want to use as the name instead or use a formula to do it.

How do I ungroup in Crystal Reports?

Crystal Report Fields Ungrouping

  1. Select the required field(s)
  2. From the Format menu select the Format Field option.
  3. Click on the Font Tab.
  4. Press the [x+2] button to the right of the Size drop down.
  5. Enter the following formula: IF Len({Customer.Customer Name})>15 Then 8 else.
  6. Press the Save and Close button.

How do you create a running total field in Crystal report?

How to use Running Totals in Crystal Reports

  1. In Crystal Reports, create a new custom report using an exported database file.
  2. Open the Field Explorer and then right-click the mouse over “Running Total Fields” and select New.
  3. On the Create Running Total Field screen, type Running Amount in the Running Total Name field.

How do you pass multiple values to a parameter in Crystal Reports?

Go to Report menu>> Select Expert >> Record. Select the field for which the filter is to be applied. Click on OK. Now, refresh the report and enter multiple values seperated by comma(,).

How do I create a cascading parameter in Crystal Reports?

How to create a cascading parameter group? Create a Parameter Group dialog box appears → Enter a name for the Parameter group → Enter the Prompt text as shown in the following image. Now drag the country parameter to the report. It will give a prompt to enter Country name.

How can I sum grand total in Crystal Report?


  1. Highlight the amount field in the Details section of the Crystal Report.
  2. Select Insert, Grand Total from the menu bar.
  3. Click the arrow button on the drop-down list box to reveal a list of possible grand total operations.
  4. Select the sum to total the amounts and click OK to return to the Design Tab.

How do you add two formula fields in Crystal Report?

To add the formula field, go to the Field Explorer panel. Click on Formula Fields to select it. Right click on Formula Fields, then select New.

What is the select expert in Crystal Reports?

Crystal Reports provides the Select Expert to help you create useful record selection criteria. You can use the Select Expert for simple, straightforward record selection, and as a starting point for more sophisticated record selection.

Where can I find the groups in Crystal Reports?

In the Groups panel on the right, you can see our groups. The Groups panel is located on the right hand side of the Crystal Reports window. It shares the side panel area with Parameters and Find. If you don’t see the Groups panel displayed, simply click on it.

How does record selection work in Crystal Reports?

When you use the Select Expert or create a record selection formula with the Formula Editor, you affect the way Crystal Reports initially selects data from the database. Record selection occurs during the first pass of the report, before data has been sorted or grouped.

Why does Crystal Reports create a set of data?

When you preview a report on the screen for the first time, Crystal Reports has to actually read the database and perform record selection, and only thereafter can it format and display the report. To enhance future performance while you work with the report, Crystal Reports creates a set of saved data.