How did manivannan died?

How did manivannan died?

The death of popular Tamil actor-director Manivannan, who passed away due to a cardiac arrest here Saturday, has sent shock waves through the Tamil film industry. Celebrities say they will remember him as a “great soul” who was versatile, talented and humble.

Is raghuvaran alive?

March 19, 2008Raghuvaran / Date of death

What is the age of raghuvaran?

49 years (1958–2008)Raghuvaran / Age at death

Is manivannan alive?

June 15, 2013Manivannan / Date of death

What is the age of manivannan?

59 years (1953–2013)Manivannan / Age at death

Who is raghuvaran wife?

RohiniRaghuvaran / Wife (m. 1996–2004)

When was manivannan born?

July 31, 1953Manivannan / Date of birth

Was raghuvaran a drug addict?

His personal life was controversial. His reported addiction to drugs led to a divorce from his actress-wife Rohini.

How did Manivannan die?

Manivannan died shortly after the release of his 50th directorial venture Nagaraja Cholan MA, MLA due to a cardiac arrest (heart attack) on 15 June 2013 at the age of 59 in his Nesapakkam residence at Chennai.

How many films has Manivannan directed in Tamil?

Although Manivannan has directed 50 films in Tamil and had around 34 films as box-office hits, he was most known for his acting skills among public. He was considered unique in the industry for his wisdom and his character roles.

What is the last film of Manivannan?

The Hindu wrote that his film Amaidhi Padai (1994) “has set the standards for political satire in Tamil cinema”. In 2013 he directed his 50th and last film Nagaraja Cholan MA, MLA, a sequel to Amaidhi Padai. Manivannan directed his best friend Sathyaraj in a good 25 films and gave 12 successive hits as the director…

Who is Manivannan?

Manivannan hailed from a small town called Sulur in Coimbatore District. He was born to R S Maniam, a rice merchant, textile trader, and a well-known politician in Coimbatore and Maragatham who has contested in the elections and won a seat in the panchayat.