How common is splenic flexure?

How common is splenic flexure?

Splenic flexure volvulus (SFV) is a very rare condition that is unlikely to be suspected even when a patient has repeated episodes of abdominal pain and dyschezia. We describe the case of SFV diagnosed and treated laparoscopically in the non-volvulus condition.

Is splenic flexure cancer curable?

Splenic flexure cancers had a high risk of obstruction (26.5% of patients), and had a more advanced stage and lower cure rate than left colon cancers.

What part of the colon do most cancers occur?

The sigmoid colon is the most common site for cancer of the colon. Rectal carcinoma is the most common cancer of the lower gastrointestinal tract. One of the determining factors for preservation of the anus is how close the tumor is to the sphincter.

Which side colon cancer is more common?

Overall, 51,937 (56.8 %) patients had right-sided colon cancer including 27,548 (30.1 %) patients with cancer of the cecum and 24,389 (26.7 %) patients with cancer of the ascending colon.

What causes splenic flexure?

Splenic flexure syndrome occurs when gas builds up or becomes trapped in your colon. Thought to be the primary cause of this condition, gas accumulation causes trapped air to push on the inner lining of your stomach and digestive tract. As a result, pressure can build on surrounding organs, causing pain and discomfort.

Does the location of a colon tumor matter?

In patients with metastatic colorectal cancer, the location in the colon where the tumor originated appears to strongly influence how long patients live, according to a new study.

What percentage of colon tumors are benign?

American College of Surgeons. “Incidence of cancer in patients with large colorectal polyps lower than previously thought: 92 percent of the colorectal polyps in patients referred for operations were noncancerous, suggesting advanced endoscopic treatments may be a viable option.” ScienceDaily.

What is the difference between right colon cancer and left colon cancer?

Right-sided colon cancers arise in the cecum, ascending colon, hepatic flexure and/or transverse colon, while left-sided colon cancers arise in the splenic flexure, descending, and/or sigmoid colon. In contrast to prior reports, we attempt to delineate programs of tumorigenesis independently for each side.

What is splenic flexure tumor?

Introduction. Splenic flexure cancer (SFC) is defined as a colon cancer situated in the distal third of the transverse colon, or in the left colonic corner, or in the proximal descending colon within 10 cm from the flexure1. It is relatively rare and represent only 1–8% of all colon cancers2,3.

What is splenic flexure mass?

Splenic flexure cancer was defined as a tumor located in the distal third of the transverse colon, or in the left colonic angle, or in the proximal descending colon within 10 cm from the flexure [8].

What is splenic flexure syndrome symptoms?

The symptoms of splenic flexure syndrome include bloating, pain in the upper left abdomen, and a feeling of fullness in the abdomen. Causes. People with irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, are most likely to have splenic flexure syndrome, with some experts even considering it to be a type of IBS.

Can splenic flexure last for months?

Splenic flexure abdominal pain has been described as being severe and lasting for a few minutes, recurring many times for weeks or months.

Is there a difference between right versus left-sided colon cancers does side make any difference in long term follow up?

Conclusion: This analysis provides evidence that the prognosis of localized left-sided colon cancer is better compared to right-sided colon cancer. Also, the patients with right colon cancer have more advanced stage, mucinous tumor and are older.

Can you have a non cancerous tumor in your colon?

Hyperplastic and inflammatory polyps Hyperplastic polyps are the most common type of non-cancerous colorectal tumour. They are often small and found in the rectum. Inflammatory polyps are usually found in people with an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) such as ulcerative colitis.

How to pronounce splenic flexure?

Splenic flexure syndrome occurs as a result of muscle spasms and abdominal distention leading to pain and discomfort in the upper abdomen. The exact location of the pain is at the splenic flexure

What is the treatment for stage 0 colon cancer?

Surgery to take out the cancer. Studies show that this can help people live longer.

  • Chemotherapy with or without radiation,if all the cancer can’t be removed in an operation. Sometimes,this shrinks the tumor enough for surgeons to remove it later.
  • Clinical trials
  • Is colon cancer and prostate cancer the same thing?

    • Colon cancer is a bowel cancer while prostate cancer is a genitourinary cancer. • Colon cancer occurs both in males and females while prostate cancer occurs in males only. • Colon cancers are common from 35 above while prostate cancers are common above 55 years of age.

    What is a spontaneous splenic artery rupture?

    The spontaneous rupture of a splenic artery aneurysm during pregnancy is a rare but catastrophic event. Two cases are reported, both involving fetal death and one maternal death as well. A review of the literature covering this condition shows that mortality amongst pregnant women remains high at 75% with 95% fetal loss, which compares with a 25% mortality rate amongst non-pregnant women.