How caste system started in Kerala?

How caste system started in Kerala?

One theory that explains the origins of the caste system in the Kerala region – which prior to the independence of India comprised the three areas known as Malabar District, Travancore and Cochin – is based on the actions of Aryan Jains introducing such distinctions prior to the 8th century CE.

Who are Dalits in history?


  • The term Dalit is a self-applied concept for those called the “untouchables” and others that were outside of the traditional Hindu caste hierarchy.
  • In the late 1880s, the Marathi word ‘Dalit’ was used by Mahatma Jotiba Phule for the outcasts and Untouchables who were oppressed and broken in the Hindu society.

What is Dalit theory?

Dalit Literature is at once the expression of a “Dalit consciousness” about identity (both individual and communal), human rights and human dignity, and the community, as well as the discursive supplement to a ground-level sociopolitical movement that seeks redress for historically persistent oppression and social …

How did Dalit movement start?

The Mukti movement was led by very poor Dalits who fought against the saint – poets of the time. With the introduction of western language, and with the influence of the Christian missionaries, the Dalits began to come across the ideals of equality and liberty and thus began the Dalit Movement in modern times.

When did Brahmins came to Kerala?

Brahmins never came to Kerala . They are natives of this state . The Mahabharatha mentions the existence of 4 varnas in Kerala ,ie about 5000 years ago .

What is Dalit culture?

‘Dalit’ identified those whose culture had been deliberately ‘broken’, ‘crushed to pieces’ or ‘ground down’ by the varna Hindu culture above them. As such, it contained an explicit repudiation of all the Hindu cultural norms of untouchability, varna structure and karma doctrine which varna Hindu society had imposed.

Who started Dalit theology?

A major proponent of Dalit theology was Arvind P. Nirmal (1936–95), a Dalit Christian in the Church of North India.

Who introduced Dalit literature?

One of the first Dalit writers was Madara Chennaiah, an 11th-century cobbler-saint who lived during the reign of the Western Chalukyas and who is also regarded by some scholars as the “father of Vachana poetry”. Another poet who finds mention is Dohara Kakkaiah, a Dalit by birth, whose six confessional poems survive.

Who started the Dalit movement?

The movement was launched in 1956 by Ambedkar when nearly half a million Dalits – formerly untouchables – joined him and converted to Navayana Buddhism. It rejected Hinduism, challenged the caste system in India and promoted the rights of the Dalit community.

Who was the founder of Dalit movement in India?

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
The most well-known Dalit leader was Dr. B. R. Ambedkar (1891-1956), who represented the community during the colonial era and later acted as the chief architect of the Indian Constitution. Ambedkar was a brilliant legal scholar, an astute politician, and a vociferous critic of the Indian caste system.

Are nairs Brahmins?

The Nambudiri Brahmins were at the top of the ritual caste hierarchy and in that system outranked even the kings. They regarded all Nairs as Shudra. Below the Nambudiris came the Tamil Brahmins and other later immigrants of the Brahmin varna. Beyond this, the precise ranking is subject to some difference in opinion.

Are Tamil Brahmins Aryans?

Everyone in India can be consider Aryans who follows the Dharma or Vedas. Tamil Brahmans do that so they are Aryans. And Tamil Brahmans are also one of Pancha Dravida so they are Dravidians too.

Are ezhavas Aryans?

Ezhavas don’t have a north indian origin, they migrated from Srilanka to Kerala during the Chera era. They are Avarnas i.e. outside the chaturvarna system of Hinduism and are below Shudras in caste status.

What is called Dalit Class 7?

Dalit is a term that the so-called lower castes use to address themselves. Dalit means broken and by using this word, lower castes are pointing to how they were, and continue to be, seriously discriminated against.

Who started the Dalit Movement?

What Dalit hermeneutics?

10 Dalit hermeneutics is thus an interpretative understanding of Dalit social world in relation to and in its discontent with caste cultural society, and it also aims at the interpretative exposition of the textual, metaphorical, narrative, ideological and structural (cultural and political) problems of casteism and it …

Who are the Dalits in Kerala?

Background of Dalits in Kerala Apart from Aryans, all others were considered as Dalits in Kerala. They were regarded as the children of the sea and jungle. They are the descendants of the Indus valley civilization. In the ancient days, Kerala had active business relationships with the Indus

Who was the first Dalit convert to Christianity in Kerala?

The first Dalit convert in central Kerala, Habel, was a slave of one of the known Christian families in Kerala, the Modayil family.119A slave was sold at an equal cost of an ox and a slave couple cost only 200 to 300 rupees in Malabar, according to Bucknan.120

How did Dalits respond to the Pentecostal faith?

Although the Dalits responded first to the Pentecostal faith, every thing in ecclesiastical and administrative affairs were wrested from them when the Syrian Christians began to join Pentecostal Churches. Dalits have not been considered for leadership or administration of the Church.

How did the Dalit language get destroyed?

The destruction of the dalit language is traced to the period of the domination of brahminism. Neo-dalit writers say that when Buddha came, he preached in Pali which grew along with Buddha and Jainism. But Buddhism and Jainism never interfered or tried to eliminate the native language, the language of dalits.