How can I talk to d2h customer care?

How can I talk to d2h customer care?

Please feel free to use our Customer care numbers: 91156 91156 for any queries.

How can I know my Videocon d2h number?

Step1 First of all switch on your TV and your Videocon set-top box. Step2 After the services start press the menu button from the Videocon remote. Step3 Choose account-option and press the ok button from the remote. That’s it, here you will see your customer id at the top of the given details.

Can we recharge d2h for 2 days?

Yes you can recharge but minimum ammount is 100(Previously it was 50).

Why my Videocon d2h is not working?

Technical error- Please power off and restart Please switch to some other channel to see if you can see the Video/Audio. Switch OFF your d2h product from the mains & after 15 seconds restart it. Please check that the signal cable from the antenna to your d2h product is connected Properly.

How I select my Videocon d2h packages?

Go to ‘My Account’ and click on ‘Create your Own Package’ option to form your own Videocon D2H package. Select channels, packs, combos, etc., for your package. In the next window, choose your zone using the ‘Select your zone’ option.

How can I change my Videocon d2h number?

Change of Registered Telephone Number. Kindly click on “EDIT PROFILE” under My Videocon d2h section. Enter the new “REGISTERED TELEPHONE NUMBER” and click on “SUBMIT”. Confirmation message for change of register telephone number will appear.

What is the customer care of Videocon?

1800 212 212
Get in touch with us via:-

New connection 1800 3150 002
Talk to Us 91156 91156
Write to us Click Here
• You can also contact us on toll free number 1800 212 212 [xxx] corresponds to the respective channel number

How can I register my mobile number in Videocon d2h?

What is minimum recharge in d2h?

Videocon d2h recharge plans in India come in various combos that vary as per region, languages, resolution, and genres. The Videocon d2h recharge plan prices in India start at just Rs 38.60 and go up to Rs 489.

How can I check my Videocon d2h package?

  1. Dial Customer care at 073558 73558.
  2. Dial To check Balance Send SMS # BAL to 9212012299.

How can I reset my Videocon d2h?

(a) No- kindly call at 18001370777 from your RTN to refresh d2h a/c & keep your STB ON for 15 minutes. Kindly check if issue is resolved?

How can I use Videocon d2h on mobile?

Download the d2h Smart Remote App and enjoy a host of smart features.

  1. Step1. Connect Smart Remote Dongle with the Set Top Box.
  2. Step2. Download the ‘d2h Smart Remote App’ from Playstore OR scan the QR Code.
  3. Step3. Turn on the Bluetooth of your Smart Remote Phone.
  4. Step4. Your Smart phone is ready to use as ur smart remote.

What is d2h monthly recharge?

₹84.25 for 1 Month Buy Pack. Videocon d2h All In One English HD Combo. Total Channels: 38. Popular Channels: 8.

What is Videocon d2h recharge plans?

And, these plans are priced between Rs. 171 and Rs. 671….Videocon d2h HD Plans And Packages List.

Videocon d2h Recharge Plan Name Price No. of Channels
DIAMOND HD COMBO Rs. 475.42 262

How can I register my mobile number in Videocon D2H?

Is D2H channel number changed?

This new system from the company will allow it to accommodate more channels for its users and will take the entertainment quotient higher. Because of this, the company has to make changes to its current channel numbers. Note that it is not just a few channels that are going to be affected, but a ton of them.

How can I change my Videocon D2H number?

How I select my Videocon D2H packages?

How can I change my DTH registered mobile number?

To change the registered mobile number you can follow this link: You need to provide your customer ID and confirm a few details such as your plan and last recharge amount before getting the option to choose your new registered mobile number.