How can I reach Jaisalmer from Jaipur?

How can I reach Jaisalmer from Jaipur?

The best way to get from Jaisalmer to Jaipur is to fly which takes 1h 53m and costs ₹4,000 – ₹10,000. Alternatively, you can train, which costs ₹330 – ₹1,600 and takes 12h 20m, you could also bus, which costs ₹600 – ₹1,400 and takes 14h 40m.

Is train available for Jaipur?

There are 3 weekly trains and 2 daily trains that run from New Delhi to Jaipur , covering the shortest distance of about 237 km by AJMER SHTBDI(12015).

Is Jodhpur near to Jaipur?

The Distance between Jodhpur to Jaipur by road is 370KM.

How long is the train journey from Delhi to Jaipur?

To reach Jaipur, this train takes 4hr hours. The train departs at 19:55:00 from New Delhi NDLS and arrives in Jaipur JP at 23:55:00. Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun is when the 12958 Adi Sj Rajdhani operates.

Which city is nearest to Jaipur?

Major cities near Jaipur, India

  • 125 km to Ajmer, India.
  • 173 km to Bharatpur, India.
  • 194 km to Kota, India.
  • 199 km to Mathura, India.
  • 208 km to Bhilwara, India.
  • 222 km to Agra, India.
  • 225 km to Faridabad, India.
  • 234 km to Rohtak, India.

How can I reach Jaisalmer by train?

Direct trains from Delhi, Jaipur and Jodhpur can be availed to reach Jaisalmer. The luxury train ‘Palace on Wheels’ can also be availed to reach Jaisalmer. On reaching the station, visitors can avail auto rickshaws and private taxis to reach to their respective destinations at nominal fares.

Which is better Jodhpur or Jaipur?

Still, with its heritage intact, Jaipur stands as one of the best tourist destinations that India has to offer. In contrast, Jodhpur has a longer history, having been established by Rao Jodha in the 15th century.

Which is better Jodhpur or Udaipur?

Udaipur has more to offer in comparison to Jodhpur from palace on a hill, boating, lake view walks, museums. It is also a day trip to the most talked about Kumbalgarh fort. There are a lot of affordable heritage hotels in Jodhpur. No matter which place you choose chances are you will have a view of the fort.

How safe is Jaipur?

OVERALL RISK : HIGH. Jaipur is the same as all the other cities in India, with a high level of crime. Not only is the petty crime present, but also many other ways of criminal acts.

Which hill station is near to Jaipur?

Nainital, The City of Lakes and Stunning Vistas Probably one of the most visited hill stations in India, Nainital is the perfect place to chill at and escape the scorching heat of Jaipur in summers. Besides soaking in the enchanting views of the sunset and sunrise, there are plenty of things you can do here.

Which city is close to Jaisalmer?

The cities of Jodhpur, Bikaner and Ajmer are located at a distance of 275 KM, 270 KM and 375 KM from Jaisalmer. It also has a good connectivity with the state capital Jaipur, which is some 500 KM away from Jaisalmer.