Does trundle counter Lee Sin?

Does trundle counter Lee Sin?

Trundle wins against Lee Sin 56.83% of the time which is 2.07% higher against Lee Sin than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Trundle wins against Lee Sin 1.86% less often than would be expected. Below is a detailed breakdown of the Trundle build & runes against Lee Sin.

Who counters Lee Sin topway?

The best champions that counter Lee Sin are Morgana, Skarner, Graves, Evelynn and Elise.

Does trundle counter Chogath?

Trundle wins against Cho’Gath 57.41% of the time which is 7.26% higher against Cho’Gath than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Trundle wins against Cho’Gath 3.17% more often than would be expected.

Is trundle support good?

The versatility of this ability is what makes Trundle such a fantastic support pick. It can be used to peel for your backline, catch people out of position, block off jungle paths, it grants vision around it, and it can interrupt channeled abilities.

Does trundle do AP or AD damage?

Is Trundle AD or AP? Trundle is an AD fighter champion in League of Legends. His damage mostly comes from his basic attacks. But Trundle’s Q – Chomp can also deal great damage since it can scale with up to 55% of his AD.

What ADC counters trundle?

The strongest counter would be Akali, a moderately diffcult to play champion who currently has a Win Rate of 48.25% (Bad) and Play Rate of 4.71% (High). League of Legends most often picked champions vs Trundle, this is often heavily influenced by champion popularity.

Is Lee Sin strong early?

Lee Sin has always been known as an early game champion for a good reason. With an attack speed steroid, built-in lifesteal, and doing % missing HP damage, his early game strength from jungle carries over to the top lane. Start Q or E depending on the matchup and look to start trading as soon as possible.

Who goes well with Trundle?


  • Bel’Veth.
  • Renata Glasc.
  • Vex.
  • Zeri.

How do you play against Trundle support?

How to Beat Trundle? Best Counter Tips:

  1. Buy healing reduction items to counter Trundle’s healing from his passive and ultimate.
  2. Always make sure to move out of his Frozen Domain during a fight because it gives him massive amounts of movement speed, attack speed, and healing.

Is Trundle good late game?

Trundle is quite decent during the late game as he will have his items and be highly tanky. His damage output should be pretty high as well. R on. E should help his team and him a lot….DOWNLOAD MOBALYTICS DESKTOP APP.

Tier A-
Win rate 50.6%
Pick rate 1.2%
Ban rate 2.0%

Can QSS remove Trundle ULT?

This question should probably have been asked in the simple questions and answers threat. Nonetheless, the answer to your question is that QSS removes all debuffs only. So while you gain back the stolen resistances, Trundle still should keep the extra stats.

Who works well with Trundle?

Who beats trundle in lane?

Trundle Counter Pick

Champion Win Rate Play Rate
A VladimirCrimson Reaper 50.94% 2.66%
B WukongMonkey King 51.93% 2.2%
C KayleJudicator 50.83% 1.93%
A CamilleSteel Shadow 51.63% 4.68%

Who synergizes with viego?


  • Renata Glasc.
  • Vex.
  • Zeri.