Does Romario have 1000 goals?

Does Romario have 1000 goals?

Former Brazil striker Romario has finally reached the landmark of 1000 goals by converting a penalty in Vasco da Gama’s 3-1 over Sport Recife on Sunday. The 41-year-old’s effort sparked wild scenes at Vasco’s Sao Januario stadium, where celebrations held up the Brazilian championship match for 16 minutes.

How many goals does Romario scored?

FIFA congratulated Romário on his milestone goal but stated he is still officially on 929 goals, as 77 came in youth football, with others being scored in unofficial friendly matches. RSSSF estimated his career tally to be 968 goals in 1188 games.

How tall is Romario?

5′ 6″Romário / Height

How many trophies has Romario won?

Head of Marketing

Titles and season
2000 Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama
3x Dutch Cup winner
90/91 PSV Eindhoven
89/90 PSV Eindhoven

Who is the world’s highest goal scorer?

Cristiano Ronaldo
Footballers with 500 or more goals

Rank Player Total
1 Cristiano Ronaldo 813
2 Lionel Messi* 764
3 Pelé* 762
4 Romário 755

Who is top scorer in football history?

Cristiano Ronaldo is widely considered the top goalscorer of all time.

Does Romario Have a ballon d or?

In 1994, Romario became the first Brazilian to be crowned Fifa World Player of the Year. He leads an illustrious list which subsequently saw him joined by Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo and Kaka.

Did Rivaldo win world best?

From 1993 to 2003, Rivaldo played 74 matches and scored 35 goals for Brazil and is the seventh highest goalscorer for the country. He helped Brazil reach the final of the 1998 FIFA World Cup, and won the 1999 Copa América where he was named player of the tournament….Rivaldo.

Personal information 1993–2003

How many goals did Romario score in his career?

The Brazilian legend Romario managed throughout his career with clubs and the national team, for which he played 840 goals.

Is Romario the greatest Brazilian player of all time?

Romário de Souza Faria, simply known as Romario is one of the most beloved and greatest Brazilian players ever. A lethal finisher, Romario became one of the best goal scorers of all time throughout his career, with him having scored 780 goals (5 goals more than Pele) over the course of his 25+ years career.

Who is the greatest goalscorer of all time?

1. Josef Bican Scoring 395 in 217 games for Slavia Prague, Bican claims the honour as football’s leading goalscorer of all-time. It is said he scored close to 1,500 goals in total during his playing days.

How many goals did Zlatan Ibrahimovic score in his international career?

He also racked up 29 goals for his country and, though it is not known just how many matches he played at the highest level, he ended his career with a grand total of 576.