Does ponos ban?

Does ponos ban?

PONOS is beginning to ban players for using the Energy Glitch. I haven’t had it happen myself, but players around the globe are getting terminated for restoring energy. Really, with these 2 changes, Battle Cats is starting to look like more trouble than it’s worth…

How do you beat the alien hippo in Battle cats?

You need to stall her with Cats and Tank Cats until you can get strong hitters like Valkyrie Cat or Bahamut Cat, or whittle her down with the aforementioned Gross Cat and Lizard Cat stack. Also, keep in mind that she outranges Bird Cat, Titan Cat and Wheel Cat, so don’t rely on them as your main offense against Hyppoh.

What is the fastest enemy in battle cats?

Mega Cat (Enemy)

How do you get Uran Wolf?

Ururun Wolf is a Special Cat that can be unlocked when beating The Great Escaper.

Is thunder god Zeus good?

Zeus is basically a stronger Bahamut Cat, with better attack speed, health and range, most notably, but nothing too unique. His resistance almost never comes into play, but it does make him a lot more effective against Sunfish Jones, Clionel, St. Dober and few other threatening foes.

Is Sumo Cat better than tank cat?

A somewhat stronger version of Tank Cat, with a faster attack rate, more health and more damage. Very useful in the early game if you want a resilient unit to protect your long-ranged units, but he will eventually be replaced by Eraser Cat and Crazed Wall Cat.

How do you beat Nimoy bore?

Strategy. There are two things that are important to have when facing Nimoy Bore: crowd-control and Anti-unstarred Alien Treasures. Stall him with units such as Psychocat, Surfer Cat and Onmyoji Cat to reduce his pushing power while stacking attackers such as Macho Leg Cat and Dragon Cat to whittle away his health.

What are some of the glitches in the Battle Cats?

List all found glitches in The Battle Cats. Feel free to report new glitches that had not been listed on this page. The “Energy Glitch” allows the user to refill their energy by changing the device’s date. This glitch was patched in the Version 5.0 Update. However, it can still be preformed to get out of recovery mode.

Does the Battle Cats support iOS 9?

PONOS has officially stated that The Battle Cats didn’t support iOS 9, it was fixed in the Version 3.0.1 Update . Whilst fixed for iOS users, the half-dead screen bug can still occur for Android users if, the game is launched whilst Android OS is in landscape mode.

How to perform the Cat unit glitch?

How to perform the glitch: The rewards are not given as wanted: some players don’t get all the rewards, while others can upgrade their Cats beyond the limit fixed by the User Rank . This glitch can let the player place multiple entries of the same Cat Unit in their team.

What is the duplicate cat glitch?

This glitch can let the player place multiple entries of the same Cat Unit in their team. The glitch was fixed in the Version 3.0 Update . How to perform the glitch: -The Battle Cats- How to do the duplication glitch ! This error will occur if the players change date/time.