Does Columbus Zoo include Zoombezi Bay?

Does Columbus Zoo include Zoombezi Bay?

Your admission to Zoombezi Bay also includes entry into the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium on the day of your visit. All children should check in regularly with their parent or guardian, so we encourage families to have plans in place prior to arrival.

How much does it cost to get into Zoo and Zoombezi Bay?

Includes a one-day ticket to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and a one-day ticket to Zoombezi Bay….Zoombezi Bay/Columbus Zoo 2-Day Ticket.

Age / Category Online Price
Child (Ages 3 – 9) $39.99
General Admission $49.99
Senior (Ages 60+) $39.99

Is Zoombezi Bay Open in 2021?

Zoombezi Bay is now open daily.

Is Zoombezi Bay connected to the Zoo?

Zoombezi Bay is a water park connected to the World Class Columbus Zoo. It is a great attraction for the family.

Is the Columbus Zoo closing down?

The zoo will remain open and the accreditation denial will have no impact on guest experiences, according to the zoo’s website.

What day is the Columbus Zoo free?

Lots of people have off work and school on President’s Day, and it’s a perfect day to get free admission at Columbus Zoo. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is offering free admission on President’s Day, Monday, February 21, 2022. The Zoo is open from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. every day during the winter season.

Does zoombezi Bay have heated water?

Big Fun for the Tiniest Guests! Its 4,000-square-foot heated-water playground features 12 marine animal play structures and eases in from zero to 12-14 inches deep.

Is Zoombezi Bay water heated?

What happens if it rains at Zoombezi Bay?

To help us ensure guest safety, all guests are encouraged to “see something, say something” by contacting a Zoombezi Bay staff member with any safety or security concerns. Zoombezi Bay does not issue rain checks or refunds.

Why is Columbus Zoo in trouble?

The zoo originally lost its accreditation due to financial mismanagement and a “long record of intentional and repeated animal transfers with non-AZA members intended to supply baby animals – mainly big cats – for entertainment purposes,” according to an October press release from the association.

What’s going on with Columbus Zoo?

Columbus Zoo loses accreditation over animal program, leadership issues, but plans appeal. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has lost its accreditation with its industry’s top accrediting body amid concerns regarding its acquisition of animals and inappropriate business practices by the zoo’s former leaders.

Does Columbus Zoo have AAA discount?

AAA members can save on admission at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Stop by your local AAA store to pick up tickets, or buy them online before you head out to explore one of the largest and highest-rated zoos in the country.

Is Columbus Zoo closing?

Can I bring water to the Columbus Zoo?

Outside food and drink are permitted at the Zoo only, but glass containers, alcohol and straws are prohibited.

Does Zoombezi Bay have a lazy river?

Zoombezi Bay is a 22.7-acre water park that features 19 state-of-the-art water attractions, including the aquatic adventure area, Otter Banks; themed water slide, SoundSurfer; the multi-level play structure, Baboon Lagoon; a wave pool; an action river; a lazy river; a kiddie play pool and more.

Does Zoombezi Bay have heated water?

Is Columbus Zoo losing accreditation?

The Columbus Zoo lost its accreditation in October because the zoo “failed to uphold its standards,” according to the AZA. In March 2021, four zoo officials misused zoo resources, leading to a loss of more than $630,000, according to an investigation.

Are they closing the Columbus Zoo?

Although the zoo plans to appeal the AZA’s actions and looks forward to being reinstated by 2023, its loss of accreditation does not mean that it will shut down; guests will still be able to enjoy the Columbus Zoo as if nothing happened and no layoffs will occur.