Does Ais Wallenstein have feelings for Bell?

Does Ais Wallenstein have feelings for Bell?

Ais has a friendly and positive relationship with Bell, frequently helping him and even accepting a request for a dance from him at Apollo’s ball, even though it was her first time dancing.

Why does Ais Wallenstein hate the black dragon?

Her desire for revenge stems from her traumatic experience with the One Eyed Black Dragon when she was a child, which also caused her to develop a great hatred towards monsters.

Why is AIS called Aria?

The name Aria means air in Italian, which is most likely a reference to her wind.

Who is AIZ Wallenstein father?

Albert Waldstein
Japanese Voice. Albert Waldstein (アルバート・ヴァルトシュテイン) was Ais Wallenstein’s father and the protagonist of Dungeon Oratoria.

Who is Bell Cranel’s girlfriend?

Sanjouno Haruhime The two have a very friendly relationship with Bell trying to help Haruhime whenever he can and Haruhime, in turn, tries to do her best. She is in love with Bell, but he has still to notice her feelings.

Does Bell ever kiss AIS?

7) last night and at the end in the authors notes he out right says he planned on having Bell and Ais share their first kiss in the volume, however he couldn’t find a way to practically invovle Bell, given the scope of the opponents, that wouldn’t shatter the canonical events that had already happened.

How old is AIZ?

Aiz Wallenstein is one of the main protagonist of the show Danmachi and plays a bigger part in Danmachi Sword Oratoria which is a side story that mostly focuses on the story of Aiz rather than Bell….About.

My Rating
Age 16
Race Human
Level 6
Affiliation Loki Familia

Is Bell stronger than AIS?

Is bell stronger than ais now? No. Levels aren’t just a matter of adding up points. The points from level 5 hold more value than the points from level 4 and each level up gives a large boost to overall stats.

Will Bell and AIS be together?

Bell and Ais will end up together in the end as the story itself wills it. Bell gained the skill, Liaris Freese and gained a new lease on life thanks to her, whereas Ais came to terms with her emotions and feelings because of him. Bell already loves Ais, and it is only a matter of time before she realizes the same.

Is Bell the reincarnation of Argonaut?

Bell is Argonaut reincarnation | Fandom. And Asterious is a minotaur from the past.

Does RYUU love bell?

Ever since then, Ryuu has kept a friendly relationship with Bell and helped him whenever he required help, such as when he was trapped in Rivira and during the War Game with the Apollo Familia. Ryuu has been shown to have feelings for Bell ever since he grabbed her hands out of gratitude for finding the Hestia Knife.

Who is Bell Cranel wife?

Hestia loves Bell and has done so since the moment he joined her Familia. The relationship between them is very deep, and Hestia worries a lot about Bell’s safety and health.

Who are the Level 7 in Danmachi?

2. Who’s the Other Level 7 Adventurer? As revealed in the series, Ottar is one of the only two Level 7s in the world. This means that there exists another character who is just as powerful as the captain of the Freya Familia, if not more.

Who are the Level 7 in DanMachi?

Who is Bell cranel girlfriend?

Is Bell op a DanMachi?

Bell is number one in the OP department even at his current level due to his growth skill. This skill is a cheat code of massive proportions especially when this person can reach SSS in his basic stats.

What is Argonaut Bell cranel?

Argonaut ( 英雄願望 アルゴノゥト ): Argonaut allows a charge for active action. It requires four minutes (formerly three until he reached Level 4) for a full charge and can either sound like a small chime or a grand bell depending on the power needed.

Why is Bell cranel called Argonaut?

The fact that Bell attained the skill Argonaut, which is named after the story of a boy who wants to be hero, signifies his strong desire to become a hero, which is the meaning of the kanji in the title of episode 8 英雄願望Argonaut .

Who is Bell cranel wife?

Is Ais Wallenstein a first class character?

Ais Wallenstein (アイズ・ヴァレンシュタイン) is a first class adventurer and an executive of the Loki Familia. Among the small fraction of first class adventurers, she is considered one of the strongest. Ais is considered a very beautiful woman with long golden hair, gold eyes, and a slender body.

Why does AIs have a strong interest in Bell?

Ais exhibits a strong interest in Bell, mainly because of his rabbit-like appearance. However, she helps him whenever she can, such as when she immediately moved to rescue him when she heard that he was being attacked by the Minotaur.

Why is Ais considered to be a mysterious character?

Because of this, she is thought to be mysterious; however, she is actually mentally young, even visualizing a younger version of herself in certain situations, such as when she gave Bell a lap pillow. Unlike her fellow Loki Familia member Bete, Ais doesn’t look down on the weak despite being a First Class Adventurer.