Did Guardiola play in Italy?

Did Guardiola play in Italy?

Guardiola then had stints with Brescia and Roma in Italy, Al-Ahli in Qatar, and Dorados de Sinaloa in Mexico. He was capped 47 times for the Spanish national team and appeared at the 1994 FIFA World Cup, as well as at UEFA Euro 2000. He also played friendly matches for Catalonia.

What did Pep win at Bayern?

Pep Guardiola’s Bayern Munich trophies He also picked up the DFB-Pokal twice, in the first and last season. The team had already qualified for the UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup when Guardiola joined, and he helped them win both competitions.

How many trophies has pep won?

It means Guardiola has won a total of 33 titles in 14 years as a manager, more than two a season, making him one of the most decorated managers in history.

Is Pep Guardiola leaving Man City?

“I Say, Bye-Bye, Hug, and Leave” – Pep Guardiola Reveals Why He Would Leave Manchester City in the Future. Pep Guardiola was asked why he has stayed for Manchester City for a longer period of time than any other club in his career, and in what circumstances would he bid farewell to the Sky Blues.

Where did Guardiola play soccer?

Manchester City F.C.Pep Guardiola / Current team (manager)

When did pep join Bayern Munich?

When it was announced that current Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola would replace Jupp Heynckes as Bayern Munich coach in 2013, European football stood up to take notice of the record German champions’ intent.

Who has more trophies between Mourinho and Guardiola?

Both of their trophy cabinets are pretty full… Guardiola has won six league titles – three times with Barca in Spain and three times with Bayern Munich in Germany. Mourinho has gone one better. He has seven league titles to his name – with Chelsea, Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Porto.

Who has more trophies Alex Ferguson or Pep?

Alex Ferguson has won way more championships than Guardiola, but he’s been a coach for way longer than Guardiola. Considering only the championships they’ve won since Guardiola has been head coach of the first squad (since the 2008-09 season), let’s see who’s got more.

Where is Guardiola from?

Santpedor, SpainPep Guardiola / Place of birth

Did Guardiola ever play football?

Guardiola had played as a defensive midfielder and spent the majority of his playing career with FC Barcelona. He was part of Johan Cruyff’s “dream team” that won Barcelona’s first European Cup.

Who is successful PEP or Jose?

While Mourinho 68.2 percent career win ratio is very impressive, Pep’s 72.1 percent defies all belief. If winning is a criterion for being the best manager, Pep Guardiola easily trumps José Mourinho.

Who is the greatest manager of all time?

Greatest managers ever: 10-1 All of these coaches are contenders for the title of greatest manager of all time. However, it’s Ferguson who took the crown thanks to his extraordinary spell with Man Utd. The Scot finished ahead of Pep Guardiola, Bill Shankly, Johan Cruyff and Rinus Michels to take top spot.

Is Guardiola the best manager in the world?

Jurgen Klopp Calls Pep Guardiola ‘The Best Manager in the World’ Ahead of Manchester City Trip. Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has hailed Pep Guardiola as the best manager in world football ahead of his side’s meeting with Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

Who is the best manager ever in the Premier League?

Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson (Manchester United) Never mind the Premier League; Sir Alex Ferguson belongs to the pantheon of the greatest managers ever to grace the game.

Does Pep Guardiola have a daughter?

Maria Guardiola
Valentina Guardiola
Pep Guardiola/Daughters