Can you put shelves in a bathroom?

Can you put shelves in a bathroom?

Bathroom shelves can really add to your bathroom decor, whether a full DIY shelving project, a partial DIY project or just hanging new shelves over your toilet. Here some of our favorite bathroom shelving ideas to help inspire your next bathroom project.

Can you put floating shelves in a bathroom?

But stylish and functional bathroom storage is possible; it just takes a little creativity. Meet our favorite bathroom storage solution of all: floating storage shelves. They’re functional, they’re stylish, and if you do them right, they can look just like something you’d find on your Pinterest feed.

Are wooden shelves OK in bathroom?

If you’re looking to increase storage space in your bathroom, wooden shelves are a great option.

How big should bathroom shelves be?

What Length Should Over The Toilet Shelves Be? Over the toilet shelves keep your bathroom organized and efficient. For this reason, we recommend 14-inch deep shelving.

How far should shelves be above a toilet?

A cabinet or shelf above a toilet should be about 2 feet above the tank. Shelves above a kitchen counter should be about 18″ to 23″, with about 15″ in between shelves.

How can I make my small bathroom more functional?

  1. Mount the Towel Bar on a Door. When space is at a minimum, mounting a towel bar on the shower door keeps towels handy.
  2. Install a Corner Sink.
  3. Install a Shower Curtain.
  4. Incorporate Large-Scale Pattern.
  5. Install a Trough Sink.
  6. Extend the Counter over the Toilet.
  7. Use a Wall-Mounted Faucet.
  8. Don’t Install a Shower Door.

Can you put a shelf on tiles?

Hanging something on a tile wall is easy—if you’re lucky enough to catch a stud, that is. If you’re not, you’ll need to use a hollow wall anchor to keep your new shelf in place.

Are floating shelves still in style?

If you think that floating shelving is a short-lived fad, think again! Centuries-old homes have open shelving incorporated into their kitchens for added style, ease, and function in kitchens all over the world. So there you have it, while there are many opinions about floating shelves, they aren’t going anywhere!

How do you make a COSY bathroom?

15 Things You Can Do To Make Your Bathroom Cozy

  1. Try a Rain Showerhead.
  2. Enclose the Tub.
  3. Add Splashes of Color With Textiles.
  4. Add Some Furniture.
  5. Invest in Shelving.
  6. Install a Heated Towel Rack.
  7. Decorate With Treats.
  8. Towel Racks in All Shapes and Types.

Can you put shelf on bathroom tiles?

How long should shelves over toilet be?

How do you hide a toilet in a small bathroom?

Define a space for the toilet. Put up a partition between the toilet and the rest of the bathroom; try a low or angled wall, full wall, or screen. If you have space to spare, close off the toilet in a separate WC or designated niche.