Can you put a brush cutter blade on a strimmer?

Can you put a brush cutter blade on a strimmer?

If your trimmer is equipped for it, you can separate the trimmer head and a section of the shaft and replace it with a brush-cutter attachment. If your trimmer doesn’t have a shaft that comes apart, you can often unscrew the trimmer head and replace it with a brush-cutter blade.

Can you put a brush cutter blade on a curved shaft trimmer?

No, curved shaft trimmers are not designed to use any type of metal brush blade.

How do I choose a brush cutter blade?

Different types of brush cutter blades work best for cutting different kinds of growth:

  1. Blades with 8 or fewer teeth: grass and weeds.
  2. Blades with 9-40 teeth: thick weeds, brush, and shrubs.
  3. Blades with more than 40 teeth (also called circular saws): brush, small trees, and saplings.

When should I replace Stihl trimmer head?

If the head wears out, breaks or becomes unbalanced, it will need replaced with a new head. Some Stihl trimmer models may also be fitted with alternate cutting heads, including metal blades or brush knifes for heavy grass cutting or different types of string heads for varying types of light grass cutting.

What are the different trimmer heads?

String Trimmer Replacement Heads

  • Bump feed.
  • Automatic feed.
  • Fixed head (or fixed line)

Which trimmer brush blade is best?

Read on to learn about some of the best brush cutters to clean up rough weeds and keep your lawn or acreage looking great.

  • BEST OVERALL: Forester Chainsaw Tooth 9″ Brush Blade.
  • RUNNER-UP: ATIE 8″ 80T Carbide Tip Brush Blade.
  • BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: ATIE 12″ x 3 Teeth Heavy Duty Steel Brush Blade.

How does the Stihl AutoCut head work?

The AutoCut mowing head has a line storage device and the line is fed while the machine is running. This is done by tapping the top of the mowing head on the ground. This opens the holding mechanism for the line and centrifugal force causes line to be fed out.

Are all trimmer heads the same?

There are different kinds of string trimmer heads, and they can make or break your yard work experience. You might come across some models where the trimmer head has a trademarked brand name that reflects its new technical innovations.

What is the model number for Stihl string trimmer FS 40?

Fits Stihl# 40047104000. Stihl String Trimmer Model FS 40 Parts are easily labeled on this page to help you find the correct component for your repair. Filter results by category, title and symptom.

How much is a Stihl fs40 cylinder gasket?

Cylinder Gasket for Stihl FS40, FS40C Brushcutters – 4144 029 2301 £2.76£2.30 ADD Bearing Housing for Stihl FS38, FS45 Trimmer – 4140 640 1400

What kind of Trimmer do you use on your fs66?

This trimmer head came on my FS66 when I bought it in 1990. I’m stihl using both. This head will cut through heavier brush than you might think. It’s a joy to use in light brush and tall heavy grass. Chain link fences, stone and concrete will wear down the poly-cut blades quickly.

What are the different types of Stihl brushcutter parts?

Stihl FS36, FS40, FS44 Brushcutter Parts Stihl FS38, FS45, FS46 Brushcutter Parts Stihl FS40, FS50 Brushcutter Parts Stihl FS48, FS52, FS56 Brushcutter Parts