Can you have different subnets on the same VLAN?

Can you have different subnets on the same VLAN?

No, VLANs don’t require different subnets. Different subnets require different subnet addresses if they ever need to be able to route and/or talk to each other) and by extension if one VLAN wants to talk to a different VLAN it must use different addresses so we can make a routing decision to the right place.

Can you communicate between different subnets?

Devices in different subnets can communicate. That is the purpose of a router. Routers route packets between different networks. Even if devices in different networks are on the same layer-2 broadcast domain, you need a router to let the devices communicate at layer-3.

Can different subnets use the same gateway?

No, you cannot. The gateway IP tells the system how to get to another subnet, and without it, packets won’t leave the current subnet. A computer only knows how to talk to the other computers that are directly connected on the same subnet.

Can we connect two different subnets with a switch?


How do I setup two subnets on one network?

2 Answers

  1. Disconnect the second router.
  2. Reset it (just be sure)
  3. Change its IP address to 192.168.
  4. Set up the WiFi network as desired (probably the same as your other router to allow roaming)
  5. Disable DHCP.
  6. Connect a LAN port of your second router to a LAN port of the primary router.

Can a router handle multiple subnets?

1) It is possible to have multiple subnets “behind” one router; the Internet would be a very broken place with millions more routers needed if it were not. However, your example of using a /16 subnet mask on the LAN interface, with many /24’s connecting to it, is not exactly how it would actually function.

Can two computers with different subnet masks communicate?

The first half (where the mask is all ones) is the network and the second half is the host. All IP’s in the same network IP/mask can talk to each other directly, if the network portion does not match the Gateway is used to router the packets.

What do we need between two subnets to reach each other?

To get the subnets to talk to each other, you need to set the gateway address on each router to the other subnets server address, Why are you running multiple networks without routers to protect them?

Do you need a gateway for each subnet?

You don’t need a router. If you set the subnet mask on all of the PCs to be 255.255. 0.0, then they should all be able to ping each other. Basically, opening up the subnet mask puts all of the PCs on the same subnet, so a router isn’t needed.

Can 2 different subnet masks communicate?

How do I setup a network with multiple subnets?

What if subnet mask is different?

Different subnet masks becomes an issue when the one of the hosts believes the remote device is in another subnet. If you change host A IP address to 10.1. 1.193 it will believe host B is in the same subnet. But when host B wans to talk to host A it will want to route the traffic via its default gateway.

Do subnet masks need to match?

If the subnet mask is 255.255. 0.0, then the first two octets of all devices must be the same. The combination of the last two octets must be different and unique.

How do I access my router on a different subnet?

To connect to another router, please follow the steps below:

  1. Plug the power into the router. Connect one of your computers to the router (LAN port) using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Click on Advanced and then click Advanced Network. Uncheck the Enable UPnP checkbox.
  3. Click Setup and then click Network Settings.

Can a subnet have two gateways?

1.1 , it’s one possibility. You can choose anything in the range of 192.168. 1.1-255 as the default gateway. A subnet is a logical grouping of connected network devices.

Does a gateway address for a given host need to be in the same subnet for that host Why or why not?

The gateway address must have the same subnet mask as host devices. Each host on the network uses the same gateway. The gateway should have a static address, as changing the address would cause packets not to be delivered. The gateway is typically assigned either the highest or lowest network address.

Do subnets have to match?

If the subnet mask is 255.255. 0.0, then the first two octets of all devices must be the same. The combination of the last two octets must be different and unique….Subnet Masks.

Example IP Address
Subnet Mask
Starting Address in Subnet
Ending Address in Subnet

What is my LAN subnet?

On Windows. Go to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Centre. Click on your network name and then click Details. You will find the subnet mask along with other network details.

Does a LAN have addresses in different subnets?

We know that a LAN has addresses in the same subnet. The LAN ends at the gateway router with that interface also belonging to the same subnet. But what exactly will Stack Exchange Network

Can softros LAN messenger work with multiple subnets?

To work with multiple subnets, Softros LAN Messenger requires a direct TCP connection between computers. Particularly, the application will not function with NAT enabled. To check for the required connection, run the diagnostic utility Ping using the IP address of a remote computer. It is important that you do this test in both directions.

Can my broadband router support multiple LAN Subnet settings?

Your broadband router can support multiple LAN subnet settings. Please visit the DHCP settings page to see how to configure the default IPv4 subnet. NOTE: Depending on your model, your modem’s user interface may appear slightly different from the images below. 1.

How do I set up a LAN Subnet in Linux?

Step 1: Enter the LAN Subnet Name. Step 2: Set the interface (s) associated with the subnet (Ethernet; SSID; LAN/WAN). Step 3: Enable/Disable the IPv4 Addressing State. Step 4: Set the IPv6 LAN Connection Type.