Can you have a negative exponent in a fraction?

Can you have a negative exponent in a fraction?

If you ever see a negative exponent on the top of a fraction, you know that if you flip it to the bottom, it’ll become positive. The same actually works for negative exponents on the bottom. If you move it to the numerator, its exponent also becomes positive.

How do you solve a negative exponent?

  1. Negative exponents rules.
  2. A quick review of negative numbers.
  3. Multiplying different signs will always give you a negative product, and multiplying the same signs will give you a positive product.
  4. How to solve negative exponents.
  5. Flip the base and exponent into the reciprocal, then solve the denominator.

How do you divide fractions with negative exponents?

How do you divide with negative exponents? If the bases are the same, subtract the exponents. Remember to flip the exponent and make it positive, if needed. If the exponents are the same but the bases are different, divide the bases first. If there’s nothing in common, go directly to solving the equation. Click to see full answer.

How to multiply negative exponents?

– Zero raised to any power (excluding 0) is 0. – 1 raised to any power is 1. – Any number raised to zero power is 1. – Any exponent is a way of expressing repeated multiplication.

How do you calculate exponent in a fraction?

To simplify a fractional negative exponent,you must first convert to a fraction.

  • If your starting base number is 16 − 1/2 {\\displaystyle 16^{-1/2}},start by converting it to a fraction where the exponent becomes positive when the base
  • 16 − 1/2 {\\displaystyle 16^{-1/2}} will become 1 16 1/2 {\\displaystyle {\\frac {1} {16^{1/2}}}}
  • How to rewrite negative exponent?

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