Can you breed gem dragons in Dragonvale?

Can you breed gem dragons in Dragonvale?

Notes. Gemstone dragons cannot breed with any dragon.

What can you get from a gem egg of mystery?

Mechanics. The Gem Egg of Mystery is a purchasable object from the “Dragons” section of the Rift Market that allows the player to obtain a random gemstone or crystalline dragon from among any gemstone or crystalline dragon in the game.

Can you breed gem dragons in the rift?

Is it possible to breed gemstone dragons in the rift? you can breed any dragon that uses a combo of dragons that currently have Rift traits, so while you *can* breed gem earning dragons from the rift breeding cave, the gem earning dragons themselves will NOT have Rift traits.

How do you cheat gems on Dragonvale?

Get to level 10 on your new account and then insert the friend code of your original account. Now you can send gems to the original account. If you tap purchase on three separate devices in quick succession when you buy a breeding cave on a new Game Center account, you can get three at once right next to each other.

What is the easiest way to get gems in Dragonvale?

The only ways to get gems are to:

  1. Purchase them.
  2. Get them from the tutorial.
  3. Be given them by friends.
  4. Share completed goals on Facebook/Twitter.
  5. Win Colosseum matches.
  6. Win them at the racetrack.
  7. Acquire them from Gemstone dragons.

What’s the point of the rift in Dragonvale?

Rift Alignment The Rift itself has a Trait that can change what elemental Traits dragons adopt from the Rift Breeding Cave. For example, if you were to breed a Fire Rift Dragon with a Plant Rift Dragon and the Rift alignment was Metal, the resulting dragon has a chance to acquire the Fire, Plant, or Metal Traits.

How do I breed a Crystal Dragon?

The Crystal Dragon can be bred by using any two dragons, in either order, containing the Lightning and Earth elements at any Breeding Cave.

How do you breed a garnet gem dragon in Dragonvale?

The Garnet Dragon can be bred using a Smoke Dragon and an Obsidian Dragon, in either order, at any Breeding Cave.

What is the easiest way to get gems in DragonVale?

How do you get gems in Dragonvale without buying them?

Did DragonVale shut down?

Backflip Studios was purchased by Hasbro in 2013, because of its popularity. In late 2019, Hasbro shut down Backflip Studios, and DragonVale acquired by DECA Games in March 2020….

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Which DragonVale dragon makes the most money?


  • Tiamat.
  • What are the gem dragons in Dragonvale?

    In DragonVale for the Android and iOS systems (iPhone and iPad, etc.), Gemstone Dragons are a newer breed of dragons that are only available during a specific month and reflect what would be the birthstone of that month. Ruby for July, Peridot for August, etc. The addition of Gemstone Dragons started in May 2012 with the Emerald Dragon.

    How to breed a Dream Dragon in Dragonvale?


  • Bling
  • Bliss
  • Calvin
  • Chorus
  • Crash
  • Dali
  • Day
  • Drift
  • Fancy
  • How do you breed a rare Dragon in Dragonvale?

    – Panlong + Seaweed – Crystal + Blue Fire – Current + Flower – Blazing + Swamp – Love + Swamp – Flower + Plasma – Scorch + Seaweed – Firefly + Seaweed – Crystal + Lichen

    How to get any dragon in Dragonvale?

    Understand the breeding process. In order to breed dragons,you will need to have unlocked the Breeding Island or Breeding Cave.

  • Select two dragons to breed. When you select two dragons to breed,the game will calculate what dragon you receive based on certain odds.
  • Breed lesser dragons to get the best dragons.
  • Wait for the egg to hatch.