Can I use Emerald Club at Enterprise?

Can I use Emerald Club at Enterprise?

Yes, when renting at participating Enterprise locations using your Emerald Club membership number on the reservation/rental. Your qualifying Enterprise rentals count toward elevating your Emerald Club status and help you gain higher status within Emerald Club.

Can you use Emerald Club free days at Enterprise?

Emerald Club members can redeem their free days at participating Enterprise Rent-A-Car neighborhood locations in the U.S. and Canada by calling 844-643-5085.

Is Emerald Club free?

Since Emerald Club is free to join, a spouse or family member can enroll in Emerald club and take advantage of the benefits the program.

Can you combine Enterprise and National points?

Yes, any qualifying National Car Rental transaction that you complete using Enterprise Plus as your preferred Frequent Traveler Earning Partner will count toward your Enterprise Plus tier status. Just be sure to visit your Emerald Club profile and set your award selection to Frequent Traveler Credits.

How do I connect Enterprise Plus and Emerald Club?

Just be sure to visit your Emerald Club profile and set your award selection to Frequent Traveler Credits. Select Enterprise Plus from the drop down for Frequent Traveler Programs and enter your Enterprise Plus number in the field directly to the right.

Does Emerald Club cost money?

$50 annual membership fee or fee-waived corporate enrollment. Bypass the counter at most major U.S. airports. Choose their own car. Earn their choice of Free Rental Days or frequent flyer miles.

Does it cost money to enroll in Emerald Club?

How many points do you need to get a free rental at Enterprise?

600 points
And remember: You can redeem points for free rental days with as few as 600 points and no blackout dates2 at thousands of participating Enterprise Rent-A-Car® locations worldwide.

Do Enterprise points expire?

Points never expire as long as you remain an active member with at least one qualifying rental every three years. You can redeem points for free rental days2 on any available car on any day — with no blackout dates — at thousands of participating locations worldwide.

Does Enterprise plus cost money?

Enterprise Plus is free and easy to join. However, you can only reap its benefits on qualifying rentals.

How do you use Emerald Aisle?

Welcome to the Emerald Aisle.

  1. Reserve a Midsize. Simply reserve a Midsize car at participating locations in the U.S. or Canada.
  2. Bypass the counter. When you arrive at the location, go directly to the Emerald Aisle or Executive area.
  3. Choose any vehicle. Choose any make, model and color at the reserved Midsize rate.

How much does it cost to join National Car Rental Emerald Club?

Can I use my emerald card to rent a car?

Emerald Club Executive Elite Status Plus, you can use them to book any car class and there are no blackout dates.

Are National and enterprise the same?

National is owned by Enterprise Holdings, along with other agencies including Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and Alamo Rent a Car.

How long can you keep a rental car without paying?

There is generally a 29 minute grace period for daily rentals. If the vehicle is returned within 2 ½ hours of the time it was rented on a subsequent day, additional hourly charges will apply. Hourly charges for your location and rental can be found on your rental contract.

Do enterprise points expire?

How many enterprise points do you need for a free rental?

Free rental redemptions start at 600 points. But redemption prices are dynamic, so the actual number of points required will vary based on your rental details. You must be signed in to determine how many points a reward requires, but points are generally worth about 5 cents apiece.