Can Arowana have tank mates?

Can Arowana have tank mates?

Clown Loaches are ideal bottom dwelling tank mates for Arowanas because they are active, large, and colorful. Many people don’t realize that they prefer being kept in schools. Unfortunately, they are usually sold as 2-3 inch juveniles, which will eventually outgrow all but the largest of aquariums.

Is Jardini Arowana aggressive?

Jardini Arowana are a solitary, aggressive, territorial species, but have, on occasion, been known to coexist with large Oscars, large Manguense, large, predatory catfish, and large plecos, but it’s hit or miss and more often than not, they are eventually the only fish left in the aquarium.

Does jardini jump Arowana?

Jardini Arowana Common Diseases Some common diseases seen in Jardini Arowana include drop eye, gill rot or infection, and swim bladder disease. All species of Arowana are prone to develop drop eye at some point in their lifetime. It is a very common disease found in Arowana due to their common jumping behavior.

How big do Jardini Arowana get?

Quick stats:

Listed tank sizes are the minimum
Size: Up to 40 inches in the wild.(100 cm), usually smaller in the 24 inch range (60cm).
PH: 6.5 to 7.5
Hardness: Soft to medium, or dH to 16° .
Temperature: 75° to 86° f (24 to 30°C)

Can arowana live with koi?

Yes, both fish can live together. However, the best way to ensure that your Koi and Arowana can live in a pond together is to make sure the two species are the same size, or that the Koi is larger than the Arowana. Having the same size is best because neither fish will be intimidated or attack the other.

How big a tank does a jardini arowana need?

As the Jardini can grow up to 24 inches in length, you’ll need an aquarium of at least 180 gallons to accommodate one of these monsters. Your tank must have a tightly-fitting, secure lid.

Can Arowana live with koi?

Can I keep Arowana with flowerhorn?

If they grow up together you have a better chance of them getting along but the arowana is typically less aggressive and putting the two together at that size will usually result in the death of the arowana due to constant badgering by the flowerhorn.

Can I keep angelfish with arowana?

Although it might seem intimidating to keep the angelfish with Arowana, as a general rule, they both can go well. However, it is important to monitor their combination and separate them if you notice aggression.

Can 3 arowana live together?

Keeping Arowanas Together They generally don’t get along well together. If you are insistent, you should keep at least 6 of them together and keep them in a large natural pond (or an aquarium of similar size).

Is Frog good for arowana?

Well, bull frogs are high in protein, which makes them good food for arowanas whose owners want them to grow more quickly.

Is goldfish good for arowana?

An arowana needs more space and he would probably kill the goldfish. This is not a good idea, they are not an easy fish to keep, they have lots of needs and must haves.

Are shrimp good for arowana?

Once it grows bigger and get use to you, you can hand feed it with shrimp or prawn. Smelt is also good as they are cheaper but you need to drain to accept them as they dont readily accept smelt. Its best to have a varied diet for arowana.

What are the best arowana tank mates?

Some of the ideal arowana tank mates are: 1. Clown Loaches Clown loaches are bottom dwellers, and they will keep out of an arowana’s way. Clown loaches also love to move around in large aquariums, although you need at least four of them to encourage their schooling nature.

What is a Jardini arowana?

The Jardini Arowana, also known as the Australian Arowana, is a carnivorous, tropical, freshwater fish that is native to Australia and New Guinea. This species has a jaw lined with spikey teeth perfect for chomping on its prey.

What cichlids can live with arowanas?

The oscar fish is another cichlid that you can safely keep with arowanas. This South American cichlid can reach 12 to 16 inches in size, and it can live for up to 12 years in captivity. An oscar fish tank should have a heater to keep temperatures between 74-81 °F.