Are vehicle inspections still required in Virginia?

Are vehicle inspections still required in Virginia?

Before operating a vehicle in Virginia, it must pass an annual safety inspection and display a valid safety inspection sticker. Be warned: if you drive your vehicle without an inspection sticker, you may be ticketed by law enforcement.

How often do vehicles in Virginia need to be inspected?

every year
All vehicles in Virginia have to have a safety inspection every year. During this service, various areas of your vehicle are checked to ensure your safety on the roads. Areas checked include brakes, lights, steering, suspension, tires, windshield, exhaust system, seat belts and airbags.

Is VA doing away with inspection stickers?

There are no extensions. Under normal circumstances, all Virginia-registered vehicles are required to bear a current Virginia inspection sticker.

Can you get pulled over for expired inspection stickers VA 2022?

Expired Tags and Stickers — You can no longer be pulled over for a safety inspection or registration sticker that is less than four months out of date. Brake Lights — Previously, officers could pull drivers over to notify them that their brake lights or tail lights were out. This is no longer the case.

Do you need inspection to renew registration in Virginia?

It’s Required Your vehicle must pass an annual safety inspection and display a valid safety inspection sticker before it can be operated in Virginia.

Are Virginia vehicle inspections delayed?

The bill will go into effect July 1, 2020. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Northam issued an executive directive suspending the enforcement of the Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Program from March 12, 2020, to July 31, 2020.

How much is a ticket for expired inspection in VA?

Partial pre-payment list (Does NOT include the processing fee)

Violation Fine
No or expired inspection $30
Expired rejection sticker $50
No or expired registration $25
Defective or unauthorized equipment $30

Can cops pull you over for tint in VA 2021?

If you’re asking yourself, “can you get pulled over for tint in Virginia?” the answer is yes. In the state of Virginia, a police officer is legally authorized to pull you over if they suspect that your windows are not up to code.

Is there a grace period for expired tags in VA?

Virginia Car Registration Renewal Grace Period You can renew your registration for up to 90 days after the expiration date. If you are within 15 days before or up to 90 days after the expiration date, be sure to print a receipt.

How much is an inspection in VA?

Fast and Friendly Yearly State Inspections. Please note: Effective July 1, 2019 the new fee for the Virginia State inspection will increase from $16.00 to $20.00. Gov. Ralph Northam signed HB 2514, which increases vehicle inspection costs from $16 to $20.

What do I need to get my car inspected in VA?

What items are inspected?

  1. Service brakes, emergency, parking or holding brakes, trailer brakes.
  2. Batteries.
  3. Steering and suspension.
  4. Frame, engine mounts, coupling devices and emergency chains.
  5. Tires, wheels, and rims.
  6. Headlamps, rear lamp, tail lamp, license plate lamp and rear lamp combinations.

Can you make an appointment for a vehicle inspection in Virginia?

Inspections are always first-come, first-serve. We do not accept appointments for inspections.

Do I need an appointment for a VA state inspection?

Official inspection stations may, at their discretion, accept vehicles on a first-come, first-served basis or by prescheduled appointments for the safety inspection of a motor vehicle pursuant to § 46.2-1157 of the Code of Virginia.

What will fail a car inspection in VA?

It all revolves around safety. One factor to take into serious consideration is your tire tread depth. The tread on most new tires is anywhere from 10/32 of an inch to 11/32 of an inch. You will fail your Virginia vehicle inspection when your tread depth is below 2/32 of an inch.

Are windshield decals legal in Virginia?

Except as otherwise provided in this article or permitted by federal law,it shall be unlawful for any person to operate any motor vehicle on a highwaywith any sign, poster, colored or tinted film, sun-shading material, or othercolored material on the windshield, front or rear side windows, or rearwindows of such motor …

Where can I find the Virginia annual motor vehicle inspection manual?

The Official Annual Motor Vehicle Inspection Manual is available through Virginia’s Legislative Information System. It is comprised of Commonwealth of Virginia Administrative Code, Chapter 70 (Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Rules And Regulations), Sections 1 through 680:1 and Forms.

When do I need to have my vehicle inspected in Virginia?

It is recommended that you have the safety inspection performed before registering the vehicle in Virginia. Otherwise, once you have registered a vehicle with the Department of Motor Vehicles in the state of Virginia, it must be inspected immediately.

What happens if my car fails inspection in Virginia?

If your car fails any of the points of inspection, you aren’t obligated to get it repaired by the mechanic conducting the inspection, but they will probably give you a quote. Virginia’s annual car inspection requirement sometimes surprises newcomers to the state.

What does a Virginia State Police Inspection consist of?

Each inspection consists of the following items, as approved by the Virginia State Police Superintendent, for further details consult the Official Annual Motor Vehicle Inspection Manual: 1. Remove Old Inspection Sticker. a rejection sticker). 2. Drive Vehicle into Inspection Lane. The inspector will drive the vehicle into the Inspection lane. 3.